March 15th, 2020 - 4:00pm

All bars and restaurants in the State of Ohio are officially closed indefinitely beginning at 9pm tonight. Carry out and drive through service will continue.

March 14th, 2020 - 8:00am

Below is a link to the statement from the State of Ohio that we mentioned yesterday. We are sticking to our APRIL 3RD decision date and will take the appropriate actions at that time.

View Statement

March 13th, 2020 - 9:05am

We will post updates each day from our office on this webpage. At this time we are scheduled to PROCEED with the event. 6 days ago our daily lives were very different than today. We are 42 days away from the event. The Governor of Ohio has cancelled all K-12 schools for the next 3 weeks as well as banning mass gatherings of people greater than 100 people. The ban excludes athletic events with NO spectators. We expect a FINAL decision by the State of Ohio on April 3rd. Should things improve we will have a green light to proceed. If things stay the same or get worse we will not proceed. Should that happen we will have an announcement and a game plan for our runners. We have received comments ranging from "we will sue you if you HAVE the race" to "we will sue you if you CANCEL the race". We know this is an emotional decision that affects ALL of us. Please be patient and understand we are working around the clock on this.

March 11th, 2020

Thank you once again for registering for our event. We are truly in unique times these days with what is happening around the world regarding the Coronavirus. Regardless of all of our personal beliefs concerning this issue, we have to respect decisions that are being made from our Local, State, and National officials. We understand that by cancelling or postponing indoor and outdoor events that it reduces the odds of any virus spreading and provides health officials more time to develop vaccines and minimizes the overloading of our health systems.

With that being said, it is our intention to PROCEED with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon as scheduled. We do reserve the right to cancel the event IF mandated by circumstances beyond our control. Should we come to that point we will notify everyone well in advance through email, social media, press, etc. Below are a few of the steps we are taking AND steps that you can take as we move forward together.

We will be increasing our safety measures including gloves for all volunteers and increasing the number of hand sanitizing stations at the expo.

Our team is meeting this coming Monday with the Medical Directors for the Cleveland Marathon, Glass City Marathon, Cap City Half Marathon, and Flying Pig Marathon to discuss protocols and steps we can all take to ensure a safe environment.

We will be following all open air event guidelines that may develop over the next few weeks.

We will make as many logistical adjustments required here in Canton to ensure an on-time start of all of our races.

IF we are mandated to cancel the event, we will make sure that every participant has options on how to move forward.

YOU can help by following a few common sense steps which includes frequent hand washing, covering your face when you sneeze, refraining from hand shaking, and adhering to the suggestions by medical officials to reduce the spreading of any virus.

YOU can also make personal decisions regarding your participation. If you are worried about travelling, coming from an infected area of the country, or just uncomfortable with what is happening, let us know. We can work things out with you AFTER the event has concluded. We want you in Canton but respect and appreciate your personal decisions.

Future updates and statements will be sent to you via email and posted on Social Media.

Remember we are ALL in this together. Thank you once again for your support and understanding.

Jim Chaney
Executive Director
Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon