Updated 03/22/20

We regret to inform you that the 2020 Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon is cancelled which includes ALL Marathon Weekend races and activities. Circumstances around the World, Nation, State of Ohio, and Canton require that we take this step. We know that you are disappointed as much as we are. Tireless hours of planning, partnerships, logistics, and dollars have gone into the event. It is NOT a decision we take lightly. The choice of cancellation rather than postponement is based on the following reasons:

  • Selecting another Spring date offers no guarantees. The CDC is expecting the peak of the CoVid-19 pandemic to peak in early to mid-May. We do NOT want to cancel twice.

  • Moving to a Fall date would step on other Fall Marathons. We support and respect the Fall Marathon events and will not take away runners from those events.

  • A large percentage of our participants are traveling to Canton. Ample time is needed to cancel flight and lodging plans and the sooner we make this decision the better for everyone.

  • Community Responsibility - We would be taking away valuable resources from the community including Medical Services, Water, Fruit, Milk, Supplies, and Volunteers. These assets are better served being available for those in need during these uncertain times.

  • Government Compliance - See the latest regulations that we MUST follow in the State of Ohio here.


We also know that you have been training hard for our event. We recommend that you look at this training cycle as base building. Take a week or two to back down your mileage then start a new cycle. You will be in great shape once the racing season re-opens in your communities.

Each participant will be DEFERRED to the 2021 race. This means you do not have to pay for next years race. All services including preferred parking, family finisher bibs, VIP access will be rolled forward to next year. Once we open registration for the 2021 event, we will confirm things like shirt size, address, emergency contacts, etc. We will also carry forward the RING finisher medal, with a new design, for 2021. In addition, all participants will receive a 50% off registration price for our Centennial 5K which will be held in Canton on Saturday, September 19th. The Centennial 5K will be part of a larger celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the National Football League. We hope you are able to visit us in Canton for this special weekend. Details regarding the Centennial Celebration can be found here.

We are not offering a Virtual Option for 2020. Our medals, blankets, and shirts come from China and are in various stages of production and delivery. We are simply not in a position to do this.

We will offer a Virtual Option for the 2021 race if you cannot make it to Canton next year. You will receive a RING medal, blanket, and shirt. This ONLY applies to 2020 participants. Look for this once we open registration.

Our event is a no refund event per the FAQ’s and event waiver. HOWEVER we are working on a transfer plan that people can use to recoup their money. We know that 30-40% of the 2020 runners will not be able to return in 2021. We want to be as fair as possible. Please give us a few weeks to get things going.

We hope you will be able to join us in 2021 as we not only celebrate the return of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon but welcome the NFL Draft to Cleveland during our race weekend. It will indeed be a great weekend.

This announcement is an emotional one for all of us. We appreciate your understanding with this difficult decision. Stay tuned to for further updates regarding the Centennial 5K and the 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon.

Stay safe,

Jim Chaney

Executive Director – Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon