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We understand that COVID-19 has turned your world upside down as it has ours. Normally we would be seeing you at various Fall Marathon race expos but clearly that is not happening. We also know that most of you would be purchasing your Spring Marathon / Half Marathon before the end of the year. We want to provide our runners a way to reduce your risk yet still make plans to participate in our event. We fully plan on having the event next May 1st and 2nd of 2021 but realize you may be hesitant to register early. Today we are introducing the Runner Protection Program. It is a first of its kind race refund policy to help you during the registration decision process. Here is how it works.


  1. All runners who register BEFORE October 31st can receive a 100% refund on their race registration if they decide to cancel before our March 1st 2021 deadline.

  2. All runners who register BETWEEN November 1st and December 31st can receive a 50% refund on their race registration if they decide to cancel before our March 1st 2021 deadline.

  3. All runners who register BETWEEN January 1st and February 28th can receive a 30% refund on their race registration if they decide to cancel before our March 1st 2021 deadline.

  4. No Questions Asked.


We want our participants to register at the lowest prices available AND have the peace of mind that they can back out while getting a full / fair refund. It also allows us to plan and purchase accordingly as we approach race weekend.


We hope you will take advantage of the Runner Protection Program. We want to be your Spring 2021 Marathon, Half Marathon, Team Relay, and 5K choice. We are especially excited as we partner with the NFL Draft in Cleveland during Marathon Week.



Q: Is there an additional cost for this program?

A: No. It is simply part of our event.

Q: What if I want a refund?

A: Just send an email to with the request.

Q: When would I get my refund?

A: We will begin processing all refunds on March 15th. We will be ordering supplies on March 14th which includes Medals, Blankets, and Event Shirts. We also place our orders for Gatorade and other on-course supplies that day. If you paid by credit card we will attempt to return the money to that card. If the card has expired or is no longer valid, we will receive that information from our registration company and will issue checks.

Q: Is a refund my only choice?

A: No. We would love for you to participate as a Virtual Runner if you are unable to make it to Canton race weekend.

Q: What if I register or cancel after March 1st? Can I get a refund?

A: Unfortunately no. We would have ordered / planned to order all of the materials for you. Should you need to cancel we will offer a virtual entry for you.

Q: Why should I register early?


A: Two main reasons: First it gets you in the event at the lowest cost and second, it commits you to the training needed.

Q: What if the EVENT gets cancelled?

A: If we need to cancel for whatever reason, everyone will be give three options. Run virtually, defer to 2022, or receive a 30% refund. We would not cancel the event before March 1st.

Q: What if I have more specific questions?

A: Always contact us via email -

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