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Charity Partners

Charity Partners
Charity Partners



Timken Family Cancer Center at Aultman Hospital

Fighting cancer can feel like running a never-ending marathon. Cancer doesn’t stand still. And neither should we! Help local patients and families navigating cancer diagnosis and treatment by donating to the Timken Family Cancer Center project at Aultman Hospital. Your gift will support a comprehensive, state-of-the-art environment for cancer patients in Northeast Ohio. Every dollar will be used to advance clinical care and improve patient experience. Give today so others can win their race against cancer.

Miles to Go Running Charities

Newly formed in 2020, Miles to Go Running Charities is the arm of the HOF Marathon created to give back to the community. We will be developing year round community and youth programming intended to improve the Health & Fitness here in Stark County.


Salvation Army - Canton Citidel

The team at the Salvation Army provides critical services and programming to improve the lives of those in our area.

Eric Snow YMCA

As an integral part of Downtown Canton, the Eric Snow YMCA helps us facilitate our programming.