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2020 Recap

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had to cancel our 2020 event. Participants were given the option to either defer their entry to 2021 or participate as a virtual runner in 2020.


Virtual runners can send their times to

Print a Virtual 2020 Bib Here


Options to participate in 2021


Deferred 2020 runners have been moved into the SAME categories as their 2020 registration. We will allow changes to other events until June 1st 2020. Please send an email to

FAQ for Deferred Runners

How do I switch events?

+ Send an email to

What if I can't remember my password?

+ There is a link to reset your password in the EnMotive system

What if I can't attend?

+ You can participate virtually for no cost. Contact us at and we will move you to the Virtual Runner group.

Can I get my money back?

+ Unfortunately we are a no refund event.

I am registered for another race the same day. What can I do?

+ You can participate virtually for no cost. Contact us at and we will move you to the Virtual Runner group. You are welcome to participate in the other race AND use it as our Virtual run.

Can I sell or transfer my bib?

+ Yes. Please coordinate that with us by sending an email to

Can I change things like my shirt size, emergency contact info, address?

+ Yes. Once you log into your account you can manage any of your information.

I was a COMBO runner in 2020. Why don't I see that now?

+ Your Draft Day 5K entry was added INTO your 2021 event as an additional purchase. You can verify that by logging into your EnMotive account and looking at the order details.

What about my preferred parking?

+ It will be credited for the 2021 event.

What about my family finisher bib(s)?

+ The bibs will be valid for the 2021 event.

What about the VIP / Ambassador programs?

+ Your efforts in 2020 will roll forward to 2021. You will receive an email from us in May addressing the Ambassador program.

I ran as a Virtual Runner. Can I also run in 2021?

+ Yes but you will need to fully register and pay the 2021 registration fee.

What about my relay team?

+ All relay teams will be rolled forward with the same team name and deferred team members. Adjustments can be made by contacting


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